Why So Many People Like Mink Lashes?

Why So Many People Like Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are really superior in the sense that they have this really fluffy, natural look. 

The mink ones, because they’re made of hair, take on their own natural look. There’s basically no way for anyone to tell they’re not real. But they are permed hair,

so they relax in a way that synthetic lashes don’t.  



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Mink extension devotees swear that mink lashes are softer, more flexible and more realistic-looking than their faux counterparts. They are worth it if the look you’re going for is very natural,

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Mink fur is velvety soft, with a long, delicate taper. Because real mink lashes are permed to get their curl, they relax as time goes on, and will likely require consistent curling at home.

Real fur lashes are not offered by all lash artists, and will cost you much more than a synthetic lash set.

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As a professional eyelash wholesaler and manufacturer, Maybelline lashes have our own eyelash factory, which can produce customized mink eyelashes of various lengths and styles. Our eyelash products sell well all over the country and are loved by the people all around the world.

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