Which Lash Vendor is The Best Choice For Your Lashes Business?

Which Lash Vendor is The Best Choice For Your Lashes Business?

If you want to start your lash business, you should choose Maybelline Lashes to be your first Lashes Vendor , because we supply top grade luxury mink lashes, best service to you, what’s more we offer you competitive wholesale price.


Wholesale Custom Eyelashes Packaging

1 All kinds of lashes you can choose.
We supply top grade 3D mink lashes,5D mink lashes,6D mink lashes,7D mink lashes,the lengh is from 14mm to 27mm,because we have our own lashes factory ,we can custom the lashes according to your requirements.  


Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa

2 Competitive Wholesale eyelash price
We supply competitive wholesale price for you if you do business with us, and we just supply top grade luxury mink lashes with competitive price. The more you order , the cheaper will be. Because we are lashes factory, and we want to help girls and the one who want to have a lashes business line start the business line easily. Welcome join us.
3 High profits.
As we said before, our luxury mink lashes have huge profits in the market, so many people would love to choose Maybeline Lash to be the Lashes vendor. And our wholesale lashes price is 3 to 8 USD,and the retail price is 25 to 60 USD, what the important is unique design, and they are very popular in the market. And girl would buy our luxury lashes if they apply on, and they can easily separate the difference.

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors

4 Enhance your lashes business.
First, we will do free logo for you to help you build your lashes brand .
Second, produce custom eyelash packaging for you.
Third,do custom eyelash style and style name for you .
5 Efficient Shipping Cost
We will ship the Mink Lashes Wholesale to you by express,and that will need 3-5 business day. So if you just have little budget, you can make a small order first, when you get your money and profit back, you can make the second order. So you can test the market and you will find our luxury mink lashes are very popular in the market.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa

6 Best Real customer review.

Most lashes vendor send feedback to us, send customer show to us,and the customer love them very much. So if you choose the right style , you can easily open your market and get your target audience. If you want to know more about Maybelline Lashes Customer show, you can click here to get more information .

Wholesale Mink Lashes

7 Build your lashes brand.
Most people have already have their business line, and the next step is to build your lashes brand.

First, do your own custom eyelash packaging.
We can help you design the box just free,and you will receive the effect photo just free, and will produce for you after the permission.

Whloesale Mink Lashes

8 Best customer service.
We provide best service to our customer ,and anything we can do for you just fell free let us know , we will try our best to help you solve the issues you met in the market.

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