What Should Us Know About Mink Lashes?

What Should Us Know About Mink Lashes?

As the name suggests, mink eyelashes are made of mink hair,which are the most raw materials for lashes.Mink hair is usually obtained from the tail hair that the mink naturally shed and

a small amount of back hair.


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Mink fur is usually derived from captivity mink, when the mink hair length, size, color are average, and then eyelash workers carefully selected the length in 32-35 mm mink fur that fall off naturally, and ensure the quality of every hair , so that we can make a complete mink eyelashes.

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Advantage of mink eyelash
1. The composition structure of mink hair is close to that of human hair.
2. Compared with other materials, mink hair is more soft and natural.
3. Mink hair is highly processable in the later stage, which can achieve the 3D effect of eyelashes.

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Wearing method
1. Compare your eyeliner and cut excess eyeliner.
2. Apply special glue to the eyelashes evenly and thinly on the surface of the eyelash liner, and wait for the glue to dry for a while.
3. Clamp the root of the eyelashes with eyelash twezzer so that the eyeliner fits your upper eyelid. At the same time, adjust the position from left to right to suit your dressing needs.
4. Use eyelash twezzer to clamp the mink lashes and your own lashes gently, make them close fit.
5. If need, can use mascara or draw eyeliner properly.

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Maintenance method
1. Take off the eyelashes after wearing each time. Wash the residual glue with warm water and make it dry naturally.
2. Then place the lashes back in the original holder and place in a cool, dry place to store.
3. As mink eyelashes are made of natural hair, avoid touching water in the process of useing, otherwise the hair will easily become frivolous.


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