What are Mink Lashes?

What are Mink Lashes?

If you have no idea what mink false lashes actually are, the one thing you should know is that these type of  Mink Lashes presents better quality than the ordinary synthetic false lashes you find in drug stores. Why? The reason is due to the fact that mink is a completely natural type of fur, which comes lightweight, delivers a natural shine and also known to be more flexible.


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Although,16MM  Lashes made out of synthetic materials (such as plastic fibres) are most common in the market, they are known to be thicker if compared to real mink hair. Our 20MM Mink Lashes are created for comfortable wear and are lightweight due to the natural materials used to create a softer and natural finish. Each pair of  22MM Eyelashes are handcrafted and applied individually to achieve the most natural curls to any look.

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Although, it is true that 25MM Mink Lashes tend to cost more than synthetic lashes, its quality tend to last longer as well. With higher quality, these beautiful styles of Mink Lashes is definitely a smart investment for all makeup lovers out there.

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What are Mink Lashes made of? They are made from real mink hair, a type of animal that is known to have the softest hair in the world. It is light and fluffy, giving it a more natural look that could mimic the natural hair of human lashes. Mink hair is considered to be the highest quality and therefore are able to be reused constantly as it will not be damaged easily.

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With the many different types of false eyelashes out there, it can get a tad bit complicated when deciding to choose which ones best suit your needs. Nowadays, mink false lashes have been listed as one of the most popular luxury beauty products out there. Back then, these type of 20MM Mink Lashes aren’t the easiest to find in just any stores. However, thanks to the booming world of online shopping and thanks to all the makeup tutorials out there, now  22MM Eyelashes  are easier for anyone to get their hands on and are easier than ever for anyone to learn to apply them on.

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Our collection currently offers 6 beautiful range of Mink Lashes, with more styles coming on the way this year!

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