How To Custom the Eyelashes Packaging Box You Want?

How To Custom the Eyelashes Packaging Box You Want?

When you want to determine the style of eyelashes you want(We are one of Lash Vendors have 16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 22mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes and 3D mink lashes, 5D mink lashes, 6D mink lashes), will you have a lot of problems when customizing your own eyelash packaging box? Therefore, I will answer your questions about how to choose Custom Eyelash Packaging series.《what-are-7d-mink-lasheswhat-is-the-vendor?》


Custom Eyelashes Packaging Holographic Box with Window

We have different shapes of Eyelash Packaging , rectangle, square, diamond shape. We have different types of packaging boxes, solid color, marble, and laser.We can print your favorite patterns on your eyelash packaging box.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Purple Box

After you determine your favorite Eyelash Packaging Box, after you pay and send me your logo and box design ideas, we will immediately arrange for our professional designer team to print your logo on the box you like. Our designers are experienced. Except holidays, we will send you the design drawings within half an hour. If you have something you want to change, we can modify it for you.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Clear Case

If you just started the eyelash business and do not have your own logo, our designers can design your logo for free after you pay. You don’t need to pay extra for logo design, which is also an advantage for us to help more customers realize their entrepreneurial dreams. At the same time, our minimum order quantity for Eyelashes Packaging is only 30 pieces. You can start your eyelash business with thirty eyelashes and thirty boxes. This is very easy to succeed.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Drawer Box

When you confirm the design drawing, we will immediately arrange the production of the order for you. We have our own box production factory. The production time of our custom box is about 2-3 days. When we finish the production, we will arrange the production of your order. And send you the waybill number so that you can check logistics information at any time.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Clear Case

This is the answering process of your customized eyelash packaging box. Are you excited? Do you want to own your own eyelash business? Maybelline Lashes looks forward to hearing from you.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Pink Box

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