How to Choose Custom Eyelash Packaging Box For Your Lashes Business?

How to Choose Custom Eyelash Packaging Box For Your Lashes Business?

When you are choosing Eyelash Packaging Boxes, you will find a variety of different eyelash boxes on the market, rectangular, square, diamond shape, etc.《Which 3 Pair Lash Packaging is Popular?》
So how should you choose to make a professional box?

1.Confirm Logo and Brand
First, you need to put your logo and brand name on the front of the box, choose an appropriate size and position. Don’t add too much information to the logo. Just let people know and remember your brand name within 1.5 seconds. If you provide more information, it will distract customers and affect the effectiveness of brand communication. Regarding the choice of brand name fonts, both cursive and gothic fonts are mainstream font styles.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Clear Case


Custom Eyelashes Packaging Pink Drawer Box

2.Logo and Packaging Color
You should choose the color that matches your logo. As shown in the picture, you can choose some contrasting colors or complementary colors, which can have some good design effects. Contrasting colors are actually the colors that are the farthest away from each other in the hue circle.For example, Red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. Contrasting colors are very strong color combinations, beautiful and intense. Make customers more interested in your products. Increase purchasing power.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Marble Box

3.Popular Style Lash Packaging
Eyelash packaging also contains a variety of different shapes and materials, rectangles, squares, diamond shapes, popular water droplets, lashwoods, butterflies, marble styles. You can confirm the Custom Eyelash Packaging style you want to choose with your preferences and logo style. You just want to add your brand name on the box, then you can choose the butterfly box lashwoods packaging, because they have many other things that can match your brand name, using different fonts will have a good effect.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Dripping Box

4. Social Information
You can add your social information or how to use your eyelashes on the back of the box so that customers can contact you easily, and more and more people will remember your brand. Customers will also feel very caring and professional.If you want to start your eyelash business and make an amazing custom eyelash packaging box, please tell us your ideas. We have a professional designer team that can provide you with free design services.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Square Drawer Box

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