Do You Know How To Wear Mink Eyelash?

Do You Know How To Wear Mink Eyelash?

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Now we have eyelashes, custom packaging boxes to print LOGO, custom eyeliner glue pen and glue and tweezers, all can print LOGO.Many of our customers will ask us how to wear eyelashes professionally after they buy them.Here I need to introduce you to the correct way to wear eyelashes.

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First, we need to carefully remove the ermine eyelash strips from the tray.Don’t pull real hair.Remember that reusable mink eyelashes are luxurious and delicate and should be handled with care to ensure their durability.Apply a real mink eyelash strip to your eyelid and measure the approximate length you need according to your own lash line.A natural-looking false lash band should be about 75 percent the length of your own lashes.

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Then you need a trim.If your best eyelash straps are too long, use a small pair of scissors to carefully cut away the excess at the outside corners.Now, place a second real mink eyelash strip on top of your trimmed one and shorten it to the same length.Now it’s time to add some black liner along the upper eyelid.Draw a line along the line of your lashes, then add mink lashes. The thickness depends on your eye shape and makeup, draw a line that matches your makeup, then add lashes.

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Next, look at how to apply eyelashes.Use makeup tweezers, eyelash curlers or fingertips to hold natural false eyelashes between them.Apply a thin layer of mascara glue along the bottom line of the lash band.Using tweezers will give you better control and prevent your fingers from sticking to real mink hair.Then cover the bottom edge of the real mink lash band, which will touch your eyelids, more inside and outside corners, and then a little on the top edge of the lash band.A few seconds!You need to wait for the glue to dry before you touch it.

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Now the mascara glue is evenly stuck together to form a continuous thin line, wait 30 to 50 seconds for the mascara glue to absorb into the lash band, change the color (the white mascara glue becomes clear), and then it will become sticky.You can also blow on the eyelash gel for a few seconds to speed up the drying time.Adjust!If necessary, quickly and gently move the lashes to the right (left/right/near the lash line) to avoid reapplying the glue when the sticky glue dries before lashes are set.

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Now that you know how to put lashes on your eyeliner, let’s keep them in place!If the lashes are already in the right position, without making any further adjustments, gently press them into the base of the Siberian mink lashes, starting at the inside of the eye and working up to the outer corner of the eye.

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After taking eyelash, you feel eyelash not enough coils become warped, you can use eyelash brush first, let the brush brush eyelash a coils the radian that becomes warped, can use eyelash clip next, clip eyelash, bring up the curvature that you like next.Of course, some people also like to wear mascara, is also OK, at this time, you can according to your makeup, adjust your favorite style of eyelashes.

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